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Day 2 Box Office Results for Dwayne Johnson’s Black Adam On Friday, it is the best-performing film in the competition.


Oct 22, 2022

Black Adam had a good second day, earning 4.50 crores. With Thursday receipts of 7 crores, it appeared that the DC superhero flick will manage at least 5 crores at the box office on Saturday (even after accounting for the projected dip). However, the picture fell just short of it, but not by much, and hence had a manageable hold.

So far, Black Adam has earned 11.50 crores* at the box office, and the figures are expected to rise further. While 6 crores should absolutely come in, getting back to 7 crores today would be quite a push given that the reports are above average to good, not fantastic. In addition, unlike Marvel films, DC offerings have yet to become a global blockbuster hit. Having said that, Dwayne Johnson’s figures are still much higher than more than 80% of Hindi films produced this year.

However, because the competition is so low, Black Adam will be the weekend’s top performer. Doctor G is playing on a limited number of screens, but Kantara [Hindi] is constantly earning over 2-3 crores each day. It would be fascinating to see how the picture fared after Tuesday, when the huge Bollywood flicks Ram Setu and Thank You come.

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