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Is blogging profitable 2022? Here 7 Easy Ways to Find Trending Content


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Yes, blog routinely generates more than $140,000 every year. That’s not too shabby. We know that expanding a blog to make $10,000 or more per month is possible. Starting a blog is incredibly simple, but profiting from it is not.

7 Easy Ways to Find Trending Content

We all want to keep current and relevant, and the internet is the perfect place to do it. Keeping up with the times benefits any brand or business, and jumping on board with emerging subjects while they are still forming is a wonderful way to acquire visibility and assure a spot in the ongoing discourse. Getting the moment right may be difficult, though, because information that is meant to become viral is difficult to uncover before it occurs.

Waiting too long, on the other hand, renders your material, if it hasn’t already, simply another bandwagon post. Making a name for yourself on the internet is sometimes a question of chance, but perseverance and an eye for opportunity may help you get there.

 1. Reddit

In this situation, the number one cause of our declining workplace productivity would be an excellent place to start being productive.

A massive amount of trending content makes its debut on one of Reddit’s numerous communities. These communities, known as “subreddits,” are focused on individual hobbies, themes, or specialties. They provide a good pulse check on what is currently popular with this specific demographic.

Each subreddit also has top-of-the-page filters that allow you to explore recent, top, hot, or contentious posts — and practically every post includes comments, a timestamp, and sources to research.

If the most popular hiking entries all originate on a single outdoorsman’s site, a sports goods business has just uncovered a direct connection to what their consumers care about.

2. Pinterest Explore

Pinterest is a more visually appealing alternative to Reddit, with photos occupying the majority of the screen’s real space. Pinterest has evolved to become the greatest social image sharing website, because that is where most bloggers are able to ascend from obscurity for the first time.

Pinterest’s “Explore” feature, which was debuted at the end of 2016, is a recent development. This new tool has criteria to help you identify pins that are gaining traction, and you can even search by category.

Every New Year’s Day, there are several posts about resolutions and 30-day challenges. This might easily be a chance to develop your own challenge and have it circulate, serving as a tool to excite potential clients.

3. BuzzFeed

BuzzFeed may have a reputation for being a site where reposts are the norm, but there is no disputing that it helps offer niche material to a much larger audience.

This exposure from their postings nearly always results in an increase in social media attention, and a quick enough individual may easily profit from the inevitable increase in linked search traffic. After all, BuzzFeed writers do their homework – they uncover hot material for a career!

4. Google Trends

When individuals are intrigued and want to learn more about a current trend, where will they land up? As the most popular search engine in the world, Google is a safe pick. Fortunately, Google provides a number of tools to assist us in tracking their customers’ interest in any issue.

Google Trends allows you to track the search history of terms, compare related phrases to get a sense of how searches are conducted, and visualise all of this data as a simple series of line graphs.

This is excellent for predicting seasonal changes. Have you seen an increase in Halloween searches in September? You may be among the first in your sector to publish Halloween material for your followers to enjoy.

5. Buzzsumo

Buzzsumo is a fantastic tool for the intelligent content writer that takes some of the legwork out of finding popular subjects. Under the Today’s Trending Content area, the last 24 hours of major visits from all around the internet may be reviewed for free and mined for future content. However, it is in its premium offerings that this website truly shines. All of the most-shared information on a single topic – or from a specific domain – may be sorted through and watched for any advances worth pursuing.

Additional information on who is sharing, how many links the material has gained, and the success of the content across the whole spectrum of major social media platforms is also provided. If you browse popular postings and see that health and wellness items like yours are doing particularly well on Facebook, you can change your advertising to favour that platform. Buzzsumo Pro is an easy purchase that might pay for itself over time, as every ounce of hard work put in saves a pound of effort.

6. Feedly

If you follow a big number of blogs, news sites, and YouTube channels, having an orderly way of sorting through the majority of what is posted may be beneficial. Feedly has long been a favourite for RSS feed aggregation. You may filter your feeds into categories and peruse through them at your leisure using the in-browser app interface. You can also set up alerts to notify you when particular keywords are mentioned, search across feeds for certain topics, and find comparable content producers based on what you’ve previously following.

There is no clearer indication that a topic is becoming popular than a slew of blogs addressing it within hours of one another. Knowledge is power, and Feedly is the ideal tool for keeping knowledge organised.

7. Trend Forecasting Services

Surfing the web’s hot material is an art form, and some individuals just do it better than us. Some websites are dedicated to uncovering trends at the source and disseminating them to the rest of the globe. Some of these websites are free, but if you want the big weapons, you may have to pay a little money.

Trend Watching and Trend Hunter are two prominent sites that feature active, free communities of companies and individuals trying to keep each other up to date on hot subjects. Aside from that, both serve largely as paid professional trend predicting tools, and their clientele includes some of the world’s top corporations.

Trend Watching, in particular, focuses in market analysis and strategy development for its premium customers. Many of the most enticing features may appear unreasonably pricey, but these are services that cater to cutting-edge enterprises, and there is no dispute about their impact and credibility in the ever-changing internet world.

Wrapping Up

All of the techniques discussed above are only beginning points; the best payout will always come from researching your unique business and locating curators who cater especially to your audience. Observing the ever-changing darlings of the Internet may lead to a decent amount of success.
However, this is not to mean that you should always be a follower. Forging ahead on your own may sometimes lead to greater success, and becoming the hub of a new hot topic or product can help establish your brand as a staple. Too much regurgitated material gives the impression of being dull and lifeless.Without a distinct personality to your brand, the eyes you’ve worked so hard to attract may just as easily leave for the next popular article.

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